Trumpet Player – Stephanie Pais

Trumpet Player – Stephanie Pais

Stephanie Pais Popular Trumpet Player

Stephanie Pais resides in the beautiful city of great diversity – Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. She has been a trumpet player for over 21 years, is a professional sound engineer and trumpet teacher and is often referred to as an activist. Her song Footprints In The Dust is dedicated to helping save the Rhino from poaching.  She is well know as a Popular Trumpet Player because of the genres she plays and explores.

Stephanie Pais Popular Trumpet PlayerStephanie is a Deep House artist, songwriter and trumpet player. She plays and writes what is best described as “Deep House music with grooves so deep that you can’t help but move your body”. Her urban Deep House trumpet melodies, rich vocal harmonies (sung by producer Lance John), pulsating beats and poly-rhythmic African drums will transport you from the mundane activity of everyday life to a world full of rhythm, excitement and heightened emotions. Stephanie’s music will take you on an emotional journey where you are free to create your own pictures, where you are free to be you. This music comes from a vibrant and diverse country – South Africa – where music that makes one feel alive and feeds the soul is a part Stephanie Pais Popular Trumpet Playerof life.

From a young age Stephanie was very creative. Her first teacher in primary school (Grade one), decided she was a Ritalin case and needed to see a Psychologist on the grounds that Stephanie had very messy handwriting. This teacher, who must not be named, gave Stephanie’s mother an ultimatum: “Take your daughter to a Psychologist and put her on Ritalin or we will expel her“. Thankfully Stephanie’s mother knew better and voluntarily removed Stephanie from this school, leaving the teacher who must not be named behind. Stephanie’s Mom then sought an alternate solution to the problem of messy handwriting for which the teacher who must not be named had recommended Ritalin. A close friend suggested the Roseway Waldorf School. This school was to become the place that nurtured Stephanie as an artist and let her become who she is today. She never took Ritalin and to this day still has messy handwriting!

Stephanie was only ten years old when she decided to become a trumpet player. The Kwa-Zulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra graced the stage at Roseway Waldorf School in a performance that would change Stephanie’s life. Stephanie was drawn to the trumpet like a house head to house music. It was love at first sight, yet only the beginning of a very long and interesting journey into the world of music. Stephanie Pais Popular Trumpet Player

During her teenage years Stephanie had the wonderful experiences of travelling to Thailand, Germany, Mauritius, Wales and England with the KZN Youth Wind Band under the baton of Werner Dunnewitz  as lead trumpet player. A man that opened many doors for Stephanie as an artist. In Stephanie’s words: “A man that gives a 16 year old the opportunity to travel the world and win international music competitions while still leaving an “open” door for sneaking out of hotel rooms at midnight to go night market shopping is definitely someone that goes down in history”.

Stephanie followed her dream to become a professional musician and completed a bachelor of music (BMus) at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2006. Since then she has performed in many shows in Durban, South Africa and internationally. In 2009 Stephanie had a dream and goal to create a band that played great original music. And so, Brass Rock was born as well as a career is original song writing. Although greatly loved by all that heard Brass Rock perform Stephanie and her producer Lance John made a decision in March 2014 to move onto what they believe to be a more viable and exciting project – Deep House trumpet music.

Stephanie is accompanied by her Producer, Lance John, who sings and plays the keyboards. Stephanie’s new Album is due to be released in April 2017.  Popular trumpet players are hard to come by and if this is the type of music you are looking for then you are in the right place.

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