iPad Music Lessons

How it all works

There are no prerequisites for the course. Students do not need to know how to play an instrument, read music or be familiar with music theory, although this is always a bonus.

Basically, the electronic music software serves as a virtual orchestra so students have at your disposal an array of sounds to work with, translating music into a visual language and creating a grid pattern that allows them to see the music and get rhythms and melodies going.

Outcome of the course

The outcome of the course is an originally composed song and the knowledge to compose music alone. If lessons are taken at schools a CD with all the students combined original music on it will be sent home with them after each term.

The course will enable students to create their own professional-sounding digital recordings. Introducing music composition to the students through using electronic music software will bring some new excitement and much needed drive back into music composition. Who knows, there may even be a few budding modern day Beethoven's among the boys.

This extra mural will open musical doors that would otherwise be inaccessible to most students that are not necessarily musically inclined. It will empower young people to create their own original music and showcase it to their friends and family. This in turn could have the effect of increasing the general interest for the learning of musical



The implementation of this is incredibly easy and cost effective. Each student taking the course would need an iPad and a good pair of headphones and the full version of Garageband which costs about R100.

Lesson Structure

Lessons can either be taken in person or bought as an online course.

If taken in person lesson will comprise 6 students. The lessons will take place once a week. The group structure of the lessons is necessary for the interaction needed to do this course. Learning to compose and understand music with iPad Music Lessons is a very interactive process.


Kids these days are digital natives and pick computer related technology up really quickly. Music production software is very intuitive. This software definitely has a place in schools for teaching music composition and technology.

This extra mural music production course will give the students an opportunity to express themselves creatively. It's one thing to be in the school orchestra and be in a performance, but with this program, the students can create a CD or an MP3 they can play for their friends and family AND watch it being performed or participate in its performance with the school orchestra.

There are also opportunities to create an iBand where students perform live using an iPad only.