iPad Music Lessons

iPad as a Tool to Increase Creativity

iPad as a Tool to Increase Creativity

Apple is all about creation and creativity. Garageband was developed with ultimate creativity in mind and is a tool that opens up doors that would otherwise have remained closed. Garageband allows people that would never have learned music to do so. It is by no means a replacement for learning a real instrument as that in itself has numerous benefits and I highly recommend it. I started playing the trumpet when I was 10 years old in 1993. I have gone through all the hoops of learning music and I have spent numerous hours practicing my instrument.  Eventually playing an instrument was not enough for me and 15 years later I got into songwriting which has been incredibly and rewarding and fulfilling process. I love playing the trumpet but I love writing and composing music more. With the dawn of Apple and all the fantastic music apps that have been developed there is this phenomenal opportunity to expand and extend music in a totally new direction.

Garageband provides a platform where anyone keen on learning music can do so in a user friendly environment that provides visual and audio presentation that makes understanding basic music theory incredibly easy. All you need to create your own music in Garageband is a fairly basic understanding of music. The emphasis here is on creation and not the technicalities of complicated music theory.  Although in saying that as you move along and become more advanced with Garageband and Music apps in general you will eventually understand all there is to know when it comes to music theory and composition. It has been made that easy.

Garageband is free but can be upgraded to the full version for just a few bucks. If you are going to take music seriously I recommend getting the full version.  It really is great and worth every cent.

The aim of these lessons is to use the iPad as a tool to increase creativity for each student in music making while developing the important aspects of music theory in a fun and enjoyable way.