My Life as a Musician

My Life as a Musician Ive always been a creative individual. For as long as I can remember I have been involved with and done some sort of art. I started out with painting and music when I was very young and moved on to song writing, graphic design, fashion, sound design and product development as time passed.  I have always created new things and tried to change the world a little for the better. This is a challenging task when the majority of the world thinks it can’t be changed. I’m wired differently that’s for sure. I had big goals and dreams when I started out. Most musicians do. Deep down all we really want is to be a rock star and create one or two hit songs and live happily every after! But as life on this planet would have it we get knocked about and side winded […]

iPad Music Lessons

iPad as a Tool to Increase Creativity

iPad as a Tool to Increase Creativity Apple is all about creation and creativity. Garageband was developed with ultimate creativity in mind and is a tool that opens up doors that would otherwise have remained closed. Garageband allows people that would never have learned music to do so. It is by no means a replacement for learning a real instrument as that in itself has numerous benefits and I highly recommend it. I started playing the trumpet when I was 10 years old in 1993. I have gone through all the hoops of learning music and I have spent numerous hours practicing my instrument.  Eventually playing an instrument was not enough for me and 15 years later I got into songwriting which has been incredibly and rewarding and fulfilling process. I love playing the trumpet but I love writing and composing music more. With the dawn of Apple and all […]

ipad music lessons

Integrating iPad technology into Music Education

Integrating iPad technology into Music Education The iPad is a wonderful tool and should be a part of all music departments and music education worldwide. In this blog I will enlighten you to its many uses and share how valuable integrating iPad technology into music education is. We are no longer on the verge of musical revolution. We are right in the middle of a musical revolution all thanks to Steve Jobs and his crew at Apple. The iPad has changed music as we know it. No longer is it merely a toy for wannabe musicians to play around on. The iPad and its music software is now so advanced that professional musicians worldwide use it to compose entire albums. Thanks to the iPads tactile design and easy to understand music apps learning and composing music has never been easier. Integrating the iPad into music education definitely has its place. […]

Save The Rhino with Music

Save The Rhino with Music! I am trying to do my bit and help save the rhino with music! Footprints In The Dust is a song that communicates a very powerful message. It speaks of the dark future that awaits our Rhino if we do not take a stand and stop poaching ! This song was written in the hope that it would become an educational tool and reach communities that use Rhino horn as part of their cultures. Stephanie believes that education is one of the many ways that poaching could be combated. Music is an incredibly powerful tool and has the capability of impacting people on earth like no politician ever could. With your help Footprints In The Dust can have an impact ! Spread the word, talk about the song and share the link so that others can participate and have the opportunity to help up save the […]

The life of a Trumpet Player

I have been a trumpet player since I was 10 years old. If we must go into numbers and years then I have been playing the trumpet for 22 years and am currently 32 years old. I was born on the 24th of April 1983 which in the opinion of younger people makes me a dinosaur! I however feel do not feel anything like a dinosaur. Okay enough about dinosaurs. The life of a trumpet player is a competitive one no matter where in the world you are based. It would seem that almost every person that picks up a trumpet immediately assumes an ultra ego and becomes the best there is. This is quite funny, especially since people that play other instruments do not seems to have this ultra ego at all. I have never been the most confident or egotistical person and so have found this trumpet ego thing quite a challenge. […]

Top 10 Famous Black Trumpet Players

Famous Black Trumpet Players (Names marked with an * are still alive and kicking.) Before we get started on the top 10 famous black trumpet players I’d like to take a very brief moment to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Pais and I am not a black trumpet player. Considering this blog is about famous black trumpet payers I thought that information relevant. I am a white female trumpet player from South Africa . I compose and play Deep House trumpet music. My music is modern and popular and is sometimes referred to as “instrumental pop”, however it is composed as deep house music. My album “Another World” is available on iTunes. Take a listen and see what you think. Right, now that I have introduced myself and the type of music I make, lets get straight to it. First up on the list of famous black trumpet players is no other than […]

Top 5 trumpet players

Top 5 Famous Trumpet Players

The first of my top 5 trumpet players is Louis Armstrong, nicknamed Satchmo (“Satchelmouth”) because of the size of his mouth. He born August 4, 1901 in America and changed the face of Jazz music as we know it. His innovative personality and ability to try out new things is the reason he sits at No. 1on my list.  When I was a young kid I fell in love with Louis’s big smile and that image has stayed with me since. He has played a massive roll in influencing me as a trumpeter, so much that I wrote and entire blog about this which you can read here: “I Make the Music that Louis Armstrong would have if her were Alive Today”. Get the Very Best of Louis Armstrong from iTunes. Second on my list of top 5 famous trumpet players is Cindy Bradley who I have written about before. She is […]

Cindy Bradley Female Trumpet Players

Top Female Trumpet Players

Alison Balson a female trumpet player from England is an astonishing virtuoso in the world of classical trumpet players. She was born on October 7, 1978 which makes her 36 years old to date. Being among a female really good female trumpet players and a great one at that sets her and her classical genius apart.  Listen to her play Libertango at Last Night of the Proms. You will be blown away at both her beauty and skill. Alison’s discography is extensive and very impressive. I find this admirable as I know the work and dedication that goes into creating music and recording albums. Check out her website for further information: Cindy Bradly is a Smooth Jazz player from New York. She was born on December 11, 1977 which that makes her 37 years old. I absolutely LOVE her  custom made bright pink hybrid trumpet. I fell in love with this instrument the moment I saw […]

Trumpet Music

Trumpet Music Trumpet music is something that has been around for a very long time. The trumpet as an instrument itself has been in existence for hundreds of years. Obviously it developed over time into what we know it as today. So it is no wonder that the trumpet comes with a reputation for producing a specific type of music. No matter how hard I searched for modern trumpet music, all I managed to find were lists of great jazz and classical trumpet players. Being a trumpet player myself I knew what trumpet music I was looking for but just couldn’t seem to find it. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to make my own modern trumpet music and share it with everyone. Don’t get me wrong here. I am a classically trained trumpet player and I love jazz and classical music. But man, the […]

Modern Trumpet Music

Why I make Music For as long as I can remember I have created art and music. I was ten years old when I started playing the trumpet and knew from that point onward that I would be a trumpet player. I was determined to make music and art my profession. I would be an artist and that was that. Throughout my schooling years I constantly heard my friends discussing what they would be one day and when we finally got to leaving school some of them still had little idea. I wondered if I was strange, if I wasn’t “normal” because I had decided when I was only 10 what I would do, and I had stuck with it. Well as my determination would have it I went on to study music and get a degree which I thought would launch my career. The world had led me to […]